University of Kansas (KU) Jayhawks Bowl Game Wins and Losses – 6 Victories – 6 Defeats

The College of Kansas (KU) Jayhawks have played in twelve bowl games in throughout the entire existence of their football program and during that time the group has six successes and six misfortunes. Curiously the College of Kansas which is essentially known for its ball ability has been playing football longer than it has been playing b-ball. The principal football season at KU happened in 1890 and after eight years the primary b-ball season warned in 1898.

While twelve bowl appearances in a long term history compares to only one bowl appearance for like clockwork there is an uplifting viewpoint to the general record and that is the way that the Jayhawks have won five of their last six post season games. For some positive thinkers this measurement alone is sufficient to demonstrate that the football program is moving in the correct course.

The twelve appearances with results are as per the following:

1947: 21-14 Orange Bowl misfortune to Georgia Tech
1961: 33-7 Bluebonnet Bowl win against Rice College
1968: 15-14 Orange Bowl misfortune to Penn State
1973: 31-18 Freedom Bowl rout to North Carolina State
1975: 33-19 Sun Bowl misfortune to the College of Pittsburgh
1981: 10-0 Corridor of Popularity Bowl misfortune to Mississippi State College
1992: 23-20 Salaam Bowl triumph against Brigham Youthful College (BYU)
1995: 51-30 Salaam Bowl win against the UCLA Bruins
2003: 56-26 Tangerine Bowl misfortune to North Carolina State
2005: 42-13 Stronghold Worth Bowl win against the College of Houston
2007: 24-21 Orange Bowl win against Virginia Tech
2008: 42-21 Knowledge Bowl triumph against the College of Minnesota

While it was a gigantic distinction for Jayhawk fue fans to be welcome to the Bowl Title Series (BCS) Orange Bowl in 2007 few allies likely understand that the Orange Bowl is really the post season challenge that the College of Kansas football crew has contended in extremely number times. The Salaam Bowl is the post season setting that KU football crews have had the most accomplishment at with an ideal 2-0 record after triumphs in 1992 and 1995 against BYU and UCLA.

Precisely what future post season triumphs lay in front of the College of Kansas is not yet clear. The one thing that is sure is that previous lead trainer Imprint Mangino who assisted the group with transforming the corner into public school football significance won’t join the crew for the ride. After the 2009 school football season Mentor Mangino was feeling quite a bit better of his obligations. The freshest lead trainer for the Jayhawks is a man by the name of Turner Gill whose most past occupation was filling in as the lead trainer for the College of Bison from 2006-2009.

Kim, the writer of this article, couldn’t say whether Turner Gill has bought a Jayhawk golf sack to use around the neighborhood Lawrence, KS courses. Dependent exclusively upon their ongoing actual forms Kim suspects Turner Gill would get significantly more use out of a